WCAS believes that exceptional management is the key to creating significant value for our investors. We focus on investing with, and recruiting, highly experienced managers. WCAS looks to partner with individuals possessing the vision and flexibility to adapt business strategies to the ever-changing environment. Since our formation, WCAS has worked with over 600 senior executives in our two target industries. These contacts are invaluable in deal sourcing, due diligence for new investment opportunities and recruitment of management.

Management teams realize that our industry expertise, strong deal flow, network of relationships and capital markets experience are valuable tools in growing businesses. Successful executives have a long-term career path through WCAS and seek multiple professional opportunities within our portfolio. Today, approximately 50% of WCAS XI portfolio company management teams are working in their second, third or fourth WCAS portfolio company. A well-seasoned executive may begin as a senior manager at one WCAS portfolio company and develop over time into a COO or CEO at another WCAS portfolio company.