WCAS is the leading private equity investor in our two growth industries of technology and healthcare. Our target industries are very large and totaled approximately $7 trillion in 2014, representing approximately 40% of U.S. GDP.  We believe our domain industry knowledge, developed over 37 years, dramatically improves our ability to (i) source and close transactions, (ii) conduct more effective due diligence, (iii) recruit seasoned management teams, (iv) identify operating improvements, (v) capture synergies across the portfolio and (vi) take advantage of inefficiencies in the capital markets. 

We utilize a top-down approach to sourcing and evaluating deals.  WCAS completes in-depth reviews of all the subsectors within our two core industries; identifies potential acquisition candidates; and focuses on ways to better source transactions to build a strong deal pipeline.

WCAS is well known for creating leading companies within its target industries. There are over 40 current or former public companies in our two core industries that can trace their roots to WCAS. The combined market capitalization of these companies exceeds $150 billion. Examples of current or former WCAS technology portfolio companies include (i) Alliance Data Systems Corporation (ADS); (ii) Amdocs Limited (DOX); (iii) Bisys; (iv) Card Establishment Services, which merged into First Data; (v) ComData, which was acquired by Ceridian, and (vi) Fiserv, Inc. (FISV). Examples of current or former WCAS healthcare companies include (i) Accuro, which was acquired by MedAssets (MDAS); (ii) AGA Medical, which was acquired by St. Jude Medical (STJ); (iii) Accredo Health, which was acquired by Medco Health Solutions; (iv) AmeriPath and LabOne, which were acquired by Quest Diagnostics (DGX); (v) Magella, which was acquired by MEDNAX (MD); (vi) Quorum Health Group Inc., which was merged into Triad Hospitals; (vii) Select Medical Corporation (SEM) and (viii) US Oncology, which was acquired by McKesson (MCK).