WCAS focuses on providing financial flexibility to our portfolio companies through relatively lower leverage levels. Since 2009, WCAS's portfolio companies have raised over $40 billion in debt financings. 

In addition to producing consistent returns over its 37-year history, WCAS has a record of returning capital to its Limited Partners. Given the high valuations in the market over the last few years, the Firm believes being a "net seller" has been the right approach, especially in the upper end of the market. WCAS has distributed $21 billion since 2006 and $10 billion since 2013, generating net liquidity of $12.4 billion and $7.6 billion, respectively. This has resulted in WCAS investors receiving approximately $5 of distributions for every $1 of capital called since 2013. Over the same time period, the WCAS Partnerships have also generated approximately $4.3 billion in earnings, which will be a source of substantial future liquidity.